Hail/Wind/Storm Damage
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In Atlanta Georgia, the last few years have resulted in significant amounts of roof hail/storm/wind damage. All are dangerous to your home and it's roof because it decreases the roof’s life expectancy. 

Damage occurs when the protective granules of your shingles falls off. This exposes the underlying asphalt and places the shingle at risk of premature failure and decreased water shedding capabilities.

How to identify Hail Damage -
Like most of the country, asphalt shingles are the primary roofing material used on Atlanta roofs and north Georgia roofs in general. Below are some common signs your roof has been damaged by a hail storm:

•Dents or bruising on the roof's asphalt shingle
•Granules are missing from the shingle (roofing shingle has ‘bald spots')
•Affected roofing shingles feel softer to the touch
•Granules are present in the gutters or at the base of downspouts
•Metal air vents, gutters and siding are damaged and dented

How to identify Storm & Wind Damage -
The homeowner called indicating they had some "brown spots" and "missing 
shingles"in a few areas of their home. After a complete roof inspection we 
determined it was due to wind & storm damage on the roof. The homeowner 
contacted their insurance company. We then met the insurance adjuster at the 
home and pointed out the damage.
The result:
A Full Roof Replacement from their insurance company at no cost to the 
homeowner other than insurance deductible. This process was completed in 
10 days from the time we met with the homeowner until we completed their new roof.

"We are your "Homeowner Advocate"
Georgia home owner insurance coverage of hail/storm/wind damaged roofs -
If your insurance company recognizes your roof has suffered damage typically the roof is not repaired but replaced. Insurance companies recognize that a damaged roofs life expectancy is reduced and the shingles have lost their ability to provide protection. If your insurance policy covers hail/storm/wind damage, typically an insurance inspector will come to your home and inspect the damage. If they accept the claim, you most likely have a deductible. Check your policy paperwork or contact your insurance company to obtain your personal policy information. 

IPS Roofing & Restoration offers a 5 year warranty on all labor and 
workmanship. Shingles carry a lifetime ltd. warranty as stated below 
by GAF. We recommend an upgrade to the GAF 30 year architectural
Timberline shingles. Complete warrranty information is given to every client.

Effective January 1, 2011, every 30/40 year architectural GAF laminated shingle, including all Timberline® shingles—the #1-selling shingles in North America—will be covered by a lifetime ltd. warranty when installed on single family residences (see ltd. warranty for complete coverage and restrictions). GAF will no longer offer any laminated shingles with just a 30-year or 40-year warranty, a first for any roofing manufacturer.  

Atlanta's Best Price Match Guarantee 

Price Match Guarantee

 You deserve to work with the home remodeler you like the best, not just the one that fits the best with your budget. We acknowledge that with our Price Match Guarantee by meeting or beating any of our competitors prices or promotions. Some restrictions apply:

   Must be a written proposal for the same materials and specifications and work to be performed on the company letterhead. . 
   The company must offer the same product warranty and a comparable workmanship warranty. 
   The company must have Workman's Compensation insurance and $1,000,000 General Liability insurance. 
   The company must have been in business for more than 3 years. 
This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. 

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