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Please see recomended insurance claim process steps below!

What to do if a Wind Storm or Hail occurs at your home:
Hail storms generally occur from late spring to late summer. Much of America receives at least one damaging hail or wind storm a year. Some parts of the central US are called "Hail Alley," which receive the highest frequency of large hail in North America and most of the world. Residents in these areas usually can count on three or four catastrophic (defined as at least $25 million in insured damage) hailstorms every year. As a result, up to one-half of your homeowners insurance premium may be going toward hail and wind damage costs. If you carry comprehensive coverage on your home policy, hail damage is covered by almost all insurance companies. Comprehensive insurance is optional, but if you live in a hail or wind storm prone area the insurance industry recommends this coverage.

If a Hailstorm Strikes:
Don't go out in the storm to try to protect your property. You could be injured! Sounds like silly advice but people do it! You can see people getting hit by hail on You Tube – you will see that it’s not a good feeling!

After the hailstorm, Assess the Damage

Check trees, shrubs and plants around your house. If they are stripped of their foliage, there is a possibility that your roof is damaged. Check for roof damage if patio covers, screens or soft aluminum roof vents are dented.

***We don’t recommend that YOU climb up on your roof. Call us for a free damage assessment and we’ll do the dangerous work***

Check your car for dents and broken or cracked glass.
Protect your property from further damage.

If you find signs that hail has battered your property, take immediate steps to protect it from further damage. Cover any broken windows and holes in your roof so that no water can enter and damage your home's interior. Cover any broken glass in your car to prevent damage to the interior from rain and remove glass from the car's interior to prevent cuts in upholstery and carpet.
   Process To File your claim:

Your Roofing Project Process

Step 1- Call us for a Wind and/or Hail Inspection
• We will come by your property & give you a thorough Hail/Wind Inspection
• Inform you of your of damages during the inspection

Step 2 - The Homeowner must call the claim into the insurance company
• Inform your insurance company that contractor has examined your property and they have found considerable wind/hail damage
• Inform you insurance company of the date of loss
• Ask for your claim number
• Call your IPS Roofing representative with insurance claim number. This is the only way your representative can track which adjuster has been assigned to your claim

Step 3 - The Insurance Adjuster & your IPS Roofing Representative will schedule a time to visit your property
• We will submit to the insurance company
• We will assist the adjuster to identify all storm related damage

Step 4 - Homeowner should follow up with insurance company
• The adjuster will submit his/her report to the insurance company
• The insurance company will send out a loss summary report detailing the scope of damage which they are willing to pay for

Step 5 - Finalizing the project
• To insure the agreed scope of damage is complete & accurate our IPS Roofing representative will review the loss summary report
• The materials and colors to be used will be selected by you, the homeowner
• Homeowner authorizes the work to be done

Step 6 - Doing the project
• Upon delivery of materials you, the homeowner needs to contact your IPS Roofing representative so that we can confirm that the proper materials you have selected have been delivered
• Your IPS Roofing representative will keep you informed as to the anticipated installation schedule
• IPS Roofing schedules all work to be completed in a professional & timely fashion

Step 7 - Payment
• IPS Roofing collects remaining balance after the satisfactory completion of each project
• Upon completion of the project, we will notify the insurance company to have any remaining funds released
• Homeowner is only responsible for deductibles and upgrades
• We can also handle any two-part checks that may include your mortgage company
• Warranties are delivered upon receipt of full payment for the project
What to Expect During Construction
• Be prepared for the noise associated with construction. There will be constant hammering for the duration of the project. You may want to plan some time away from the house while the job is in progress.
• There will be a truck unloading materials to your home soon. Please notify us immediately so we can inventory the materials delivered. 
• Please keep children and pets away from the work area! 
• Remove all items from around your house where roofing debris might fall; patio/pool furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment, and grills. 
• Remove all loose items from shelving/walls; pictures, mirrors, plates, figurines, etc. Hammering may create vibration that could shake these items off the shelves/walls. 
• We will need access to your driveway to load debris & do clean-up work. Please park your cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, etc. away from the driveway. 
• Occasionally power tools are needed to cut decking, install power vents, etc. If an outside power outlet is not available a power source supplied the day of installation would be appreciated. 
• Nails that fall from the roof during the job will be picked up with a magnetic nail roller. We will make every effort to pick up all nails. Please be advised that a few hidden nails in the grass/shrubbery may remain. 
• We try to take every precaution to protect your shrubs, plants, and trees. However, please understand at times due to the layout of the landscape or if the roof is very steep, some leaves/blooms may be knocked off from falling debris. 
• Precautions are taken to prevent gutter damage. However, there are some instances when damage to gutters is unavoidable, especially on very steep roofs or ones that are completely surrounded by gutters. Your homeowner’s insurance should cover any damage. 
• For each day it rains, work on your home will be delayed. IPS Roofing crews are instructed not to tear off more than they can replace in one day, so that your home is not exposed to inclement weather. 
• IPS Roofing will make every effort to make this project run smoothly with the least amount of inconvenience for you and your family. 


 * Call your agent or company as soon as you notice damage. Practically all homeowners policies cover hail or wind storm damage. You car will be covered if you've purchased comprehensive coverage.
  * If your agent or company requests you to do so, follow up your call with a written explanation of what happened.
  * Save receipts for what you spend and submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement Select a repair company.
  * Select a reputable roofing company such as IPS Roofing to make repairs and to help negotiate on your behalf with the insurance adjuster.
  * Allow only the insurance adjuster and roofer you have selected to get up on your roof. Each time someone walks on it, more damage can occur.
  * Be wary of out-of-town roofers who move into an area and set up shop following a storm. While some of these firms are reputable, some have collected money from homeowners and moved on to the next storm site without paying suppliers or leaving work unfinished. This can leave homeowners holding the bag for those additional costs. It's a good idea to select a company with established credibility and references. Word of mouth is still your best guide.

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